Things We Love – No. 4

Wedding days are so often full of tradition and sentiment and family heirlooms passed down for generations to enjoy. The idea of borrowing something from a family member that they incorporated into their own wedding day just tugs the heartstrings and makes the day so much more personal. I’ve seen brides incorporate handkerchiefs, lockets, and even a bible signed by every family member who had used it in so many different ceremonies and milestones over the years.

One of my favorites was when Lindsey wore her grandmother’s pearls. Not only were the pearls a way to accessorize her look, but it was also one of her “borrowed” items for her wedding. The very best part, though, was that Lindsey’s grandmother was there in the bridal suite to give them to her and also fasten them on! Lindsey’s mom then gave her a new pearl bracelet, so it was a perfect balance of old and new tied together in pearl jewelry. And I love that both mom and grandmom were there to help Lindsey prepare for her day!


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