Things We Love – No. 1

There are such creative people in this world who come up with so many amazing ideas. Whether they are fun, funny, thoughtful, inventive, beautiful, intriguing, or so far out there, my mind just doesn’t think of things like that sometimes. But I love seeing how other people see the world and looking at what fun ideas others come up with. When it comes to Northern Virginia weddings, the possibilities are endless and there’s always something new that makes me stop and appreciate it.

So our new series is, appropriately enough, called “Things We Love”. It will be a look at different things or ideas that have made me stop and look twice. Or that really stand out as fun and different. This first idea, though, almost made me tear up when I heard Amy explain it.

Photo: Kelly Ewell Photography

When we met up for engagement photos, Amy wanted me to grab a shot of her necklace. As I did, she told me that it was an imprint of her grandmother’s fingerprint. She had passed away recently and Amy was given the necklace as a gift to wear so that her grandmother could continue to be with her and “touch her heart” on her wedding day. I thought it was so sweet and what an incredible way to honor her grandmother. It will be a lovely reminder and a sentimental item to have with her on her wedding day!

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