This or That: Lighting Fixtures

About this time of year, we crave spring. Probably like everyone else does. We’re ready to welcome the warmer weather with open arms, free from having to wear a jacket. To go outside and not have faces hurt from cold, whipping winds. To instead soak in the warm sunshine. To ditch boots for wedges. To appreciate leaves on trees and flowers blooming in gardens. A new season for new beginnings.

But the arrival of spring will also mark the restart of the barn renovation around 48 Fields! With frozen ground, cold temperatures, and no heat, it’s pretty impossible to do just about anything out at the farm. Our goal this year is to finish the lower level of the barn and prepare it to begin hosting wedding receptions of up to 100 people. We’re confident that can happen by late summer or early fall.

Our first project – and the biggest, most impactful this year – is to restore power back to the barn. Our electricians are already in the process of getting things started. We were waiting for an update on what the next steps would be and what kind of timeline we’d be able to expect. To our surprise, we got the call last week that they’re ready to get to work now!

Now not every company has service and delivery as fast as Amazon, so we scrambled to order the 67 different light fixtures that we’ll need to have installed in the final phases. Yep, that’s right. 67! Ranging from fun things like oversized chandeliers to emergency exit light signs, which – let’s face it – are really eyesores that we can’t avoid. Luckily we had been looking around at options for a while and had narrowed things down to what we wanted. We just had to pull the trigger and place the orders. Sadly our credit card is now crying from all the work it’s been doing. So much so that the card company had to call and verify that all the charges were ours. Yes, they were. Along with some contact lenses thrown in for good measure.

So rather than asking “This or That” today, we had to move quick on these decisions. You may have seen some sneak peeks on our Instagram account last week, but here’s a bigger look at what’s in store for the dairy barn!


6 chandeliers
9 general overhead lights
9 recessed light cans
9 recessed light housings
12 lantern sconces
7 exterior door lights
6 lighted exit signs
2 interior emergency lights
7 exterior emergency lights

So the hope is that within the next month or so that all our wiring will have been installed and these lovely new fixtures will be hanging in their new home!

At 48 Fields, we are a soon-to-be Leesburg Virginia wedding venue for celebrations of all sizes.
Our rustic barns and vast fields are peacefully set in the heart of Northern Virginia wine country.

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