Why Do Photographers Hate Green Wedding Details?

We really do wonder sometimes…

What do people have against the color green? We see a lot of photographers come through with the various weddings, it is amazing how differently manipulated this color can be. It seems to be the “trend” these days. As a farm, our property is surrounded by nature and it’s part of the appeal of why so many couples choose us. Nature is filled with vibrant beautiful colors as are so many wedding days. Why do so many photographers desaturate or muddy the color so much?

It seems such a tragedy to wash out or alter what nature does so beautifully.

White, Gold, and Greenery Wedding Reception Details at 48 Fields Farm in Leesburg VA

Venue: 48 Fields
Photographer: Kelly Ewell Photography
Event Design and Styling: Ida Rose Events
Florist: She Blooms
Rentals: Something Vintage and Party Rental Ltd

48 Fields Farm is a Leesburg Virginia wedding venue for celebrations of all sizes.
Our countryside barn and open fields are peacefully set in the heart of Northern Virginia wine country.

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