Delicate Wedding Dress Details at 48 Fields Farm

There can be a 1,000,001 details to consider when planning your wedding day, but which ones mean the most to you? What statement will you make? What traditions will you honor? Maybe it’s wearing your mom’s handmade lace veil. Or grandma’s ornately elegant heirloom earrings. That you’ll cherish and hold dearly to one day pass along to your own daughter. Or maybe you’re an independent spirit set on making the feel of your wedding uniquely and unabashedly you.

Whatever direction you go, know that the best weddings are ones that are thoughtfully curated to showcase the values of what the bride and groom bring to their new marriage.

Delicate Wedding Dress Details at 48 Fields Farm, a Barn Wedding Reception in Leesburg, VA

Venue: 48 Fields
Photographer: Lissa Ryan Photography

48 Fields Farm is a Leesburg Virginia wedding venue for celebrations of all sizes.
Our countryside barn and open fields are peacefully set in the heart of Northern Virginia wine country.

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