Location For Local Photographers

48 Fields Farm Leesburg Virginia rustic wedding venue and portrait locationPhoto Credit: Photos by Sarah Beth

With my own background in photography, I know the challenge that is finding a good location to bring clients. One that is visually interesting and appealing. One that stays open late. One that’s not overrun with other people. And one that doesn’t charge an outrageous permit fee. With all those criteria to balance, the list of options becomes very short.

Loyal readers of this blog may have noticed a number of posts recently featuring portrait sessions from a variety of photographers. That’s because we have quietly been making 48 Fields available for photo shoots. It’s been a great way to slowly spread our name but also to see how others are “seeing” the farm through their camera lens.

Yes, we do have much work and renovation still to be done and we will be adding more visual features over the years to come, but the farm has worked well by providing the following features:

  • Acres of open fields
  • Big, tall trees that lend privacy to a large property
  • Old barns that provide texture and interesting backgrounds
  • Two small streams along the edge of the property (although their impact is dependent on the season, amount of rain, and how far you want to hike to get to them)

If you are a photographer or event planner and are interested in using 48 Fields for your client session, we would love to host your next photo session or styled shoot. We are not currently charging any permit fees and know the importance of shooting around sunset, but we do require that you contact us to schedule your session in advance to ensure that there are no other sessions or events already scheduled.

Visit our For Photographers page for more information. We look forward to hosting you soon!

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