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It all started with hope. A crazy idea filled with “maybe one day” wishes. Daydreams for sure, but ones that just wouldn’t shake.

The more we dreamed, the more we were curious. Intrigued even. So we set out to learn what was possible. There was learning. Lots of learning. And the more we learned, the more we were overwhelmed, confused, discouraged, and frustrated. Perhaps “maybe one day” was further off than we thought.

But enter perseverance, stubbornness to succeed, and a plain old case of not giving up until we could make it happen. Of course as things started to happen, we came back to hope. Only this time it was mixed with excitement and real possibilities.

And now? Right now? Well, our heads are spinning! We’re excited. Nervous. And stay up at night thinking about everything that lies ahead of us. Because it happened! (Or is happening.) My husband, Steve, and I just bought a farm!

Why, you might ask? It would be a very good question. Because we’re certainly not farmers.

A few select people close to us have been hearing about our plans to find an old farm for a while now. The idea really dates back to when we were engaged and looking for a place to host our wedding. One place we saw was an old plantation home where the people lived upstairs and rented out the downstairs and gardens for weddings. Even then I thought what a great idea it would be to one day own our own property where we could do the same.

Now our idea isn’t so much an old plantation home but an old farm. After an immense amount of research online and looking at a few places in person, we finally found the one that spoke to us. It was about nine months ago that we found this piece of property. It’s been a very long process with the former owners with many hurdles to overcome, but taking shape now is our one-day dream.

With all that said, I am so excited to announce the start of 48 Fields, a soon-to-be new elegantly rustic wedding and special event venue in the heart of Northern Virginia wine country! I say “the start” because the current state of many buildings is in need of much repair. But we have a wonderful 48 acres of land, a beautiful big cathedral ceiling old barn (that was the main selling point), two smaller barns, and two houses there. I’ll be sharing the stories and updates of our forthcoming renovation journey here on the blog, and I so look forward to one day welcoming our first clients to the farm.

I really want to start showing off what we have, but I’m afraid it’s not going to look like much right now and I’d rather be able to show “after” photos to go with the “before” photos. But since I can’t contain my excitement, I’ll leave you with just one taken from the real estate listing.


I hope you’ll follow our journey here on the blog, add our RSS to your blog readers, and spread the word of 48 Fields to all you know and love! We’re so excited to get started!

In the meantime, you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

From your new 48 Fields proprietors

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