Reception Table Options

There are 4 possible styles of tables to use for your reception. Some are provided by 48 Fields and one is available for couples to rent separately on your own. See below for details, maximum capacities, and if linens would be needed to cover the tables.

First though, it’s helpful to know how many people will fit at each table size:

  • 6′ long tables – seats 6 people (This is with 3 on each side. There is not room to add anyone on an end.)
  • 66″ round tables – seats 10 people
  • 8′ farmhouse tables – seats 8 people (This is with 4 on each side. One person could be added to an end if needed.)

1. Long Tables from 48 Fields
Seats up to ~125 People
Needs Linens

This is the most efficient use of space, will allow you the most number of seats, and will maximum your dance floor space.

48-Fields-Farm-Barn-Wedding-Leesburg-VA-Alexa-Shane (49)

Long Tables
2. Round Tables from 48 Fields
Seats up to 92 People
Needs Linens

Because round tables take up a bigger footprint, fewer people can be seated at round tables and still have room for a dance floor upstairs.

reception setup fall boho wedding - 48 Fields Wedding Barn | Leesburg VA

Round Tables
3. Mixed Long and Round Tables from 48 Fields
Seats up to 106 People
Needs Linens

This is a fun look to see, but it does have some limitations on guest count. Your dance floor will be a little smaller using this plan for 100 people than when using long tables, but you can always choose to move dancing downstairs for a bigger dancing space too.

1 48-Fields-Farm-Wedding-Leesburg-VA-Meghan-Christian-Mixed-Tables (44) LR

Mixed Tables
4. Farmhouse Tables – Rented by the Couple
Seats up to 90 People
No Linens Needed

Because farmhouse tables are wider than normal tables, only 3 rows of tables will fit upstairs compared to 4 rows of the normal 48 Fields long tables. This results in an overall lower number of people being able to fit at farmhouse tables.

48-fields-farm-barn-wedding-reception-farm-house-tables-northern-virginia-leesburg-va (6)

Farmhouse Tables