Style Shoot Inquiries

Thank you for reaching out to us about your style shoot! We do love seeing amazing creativity come together! Before we can commit to being the host venue, we are interested in knowing a bit more about the shoot, its concept, and the vendors who will be taking part.

  1. What is the theme, style, or colors planned? Feel free to link to a Pinterest or mood board.
  2. What is your targeted date(s)?
  3. Is hair and make up being done on site?
  4. How many hours will you need? Be sure to include all time needed for hair and make up + decor set up (typically 1-2 hours), the shoot itself (typically 2-3 hours), and clean up (typically 1+ hours). If you are new to planning a style shoot, keep in mind that we have never seen a full style shoot happen in less than 5 hours.
  5. What spaces are you hoping to use – lower level barn, upper level barn, farm house, outside, etc.?
  6. Who are the vendors involved or being targeted?
  7. Will you be having vendors and models sign style shoot contracts that outline terms of the shoot?
  8. Do you have a link to the photographer’s current portfolio?
  9. Will the photographer agree to distribute high-resolution, non-watermarked photos to vendors within 60 days of the style shoot, regardless of publication?
  10. Are you opening the shoot up to other photographers and collecting registration fees?
  11. What is the goal of the style shoot – for portfolio building, for publication, just for fun?

After we receive the information above, we will be back in touch to discuss our venue site rental fees and ask any remaining questions that we have.

We look forward to the possibilities!