Three Ways to Personalize Your Wedding With Music

We are excited to feature a special guest post today from one of our favorites, DJ Evan Reitmeyer. Brides and grooms usually focus on what kind of music they want to hear during their reception, but Evan gives his advice for how you can personalize your wedding through music during all parts of the day!

When couples begin thinking of ways to personalize their wedding, what typically comes to mind are visual items – cool signage, interesting furniture, family photos – the types of inspiration you’ll find on wedding blogs. While having blog-worthy visual details can be a great addition to your wedding, don’t forget the other senses. Tap into the amazing power of music to personalize your wedding and make it feel just right!

Music sets the tone for each part of your wedding, whether your guests realize it or not. From the moment they arrive at your wedding until the last dance, the music that’s playing will affect the way they (and you!) feel about the experience. Here are my top 3 ways to personalize your wedding day with music!
Three Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with Music by DJ Evan Reitmeyer | 48 Fields in Leesburg VA
1) Don’t Disregard Your Pre-Ceremony Music
With all the other decisions you need to make in planning your wedding, choosing pre-ceremony music can get pushed down your list to be little more than an afterthought. However, the music that’s playing in the background as your guests arrive and begin to take their seats for your ceremony is your first opportunity to affect the mood of the crowd – and your first opportunity to do make the music personal.

Pre-ceremony music doesn’t need to be traditional classical songs, so spice things up a little! Consider choosing love songs by some of your favorite bands or instrumental songs from the score of your favorite movie. Still want that “classical” feel to your ceremony? Check out some great instrumental cover versions of popular songs by groups like Vitamin String Quartet, The Piano Guys, and The O’Neill Brothers. You’ll need to plan 30-45 minutes of pre-ceremony music, which will come out to 8-12 songs depending on the length of each one.
Three Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with Music by DJ Evan Reitmeyer | 48 Fields in Leesburg VA
2) Go Crazy During Cocktail Hour
Once the ceremony is finished, it’s time to socialize! Cocktail hour is a great time to work in any songs that might not fit the bill for dancing at your reception and are too upbeat for dinner. Many of my couples choose indie rock, electronic, or country music for cocktail hour, but really anything goes. Because there’s no expectation that people will dance, you can get away with pretty much any type of music during cocktail hour – get creative, or pull songs that don’t make it onto your dancing playlist and put them here. I suggest using high-energy music for cocktail hour, remember that you’re affecting the mood with the music you select and you want cocktail hour to feel like a party and not a funeral!
Three Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with Music by DJ Evan Reitmeyer | 48 Fields in Leesburg VA
3) Dinner is a Time to Get Sentimental
Many couples don’t really consider the background music during dinner, but this is one of the most important musical choices you can make and it’s another great way to make things personal! You’ll want to select songs that are more soothing while people are eating – dinner conversation over dubstep doesn’t really work. Since this is background music like cocktail hour, you’re setting a mood here. I always encourage my couples to use love songs during dinner or to use this as an opportunity to incorporate music that simply won’t work anywhere else on your wedding day. Try selecting love songs from some of your favorite movies or acoustic covers of more upbeat songs. Indie Shuffle has a great running playlist.
Three Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with Music by DJ Evan Reitmeyer | 48 Fields in Leesburg VA
As always, remember that music sets the tone for your wedding, and you can always ask your DJ or bandleader for help or suggestions on ways to incorporate your favorite tunes into your special day. Not sure where to start? Cruising through other peoples’ playlists on Spotify is a great place to find inspiration and ideas based on the music you already like.

Happy planning, and have fun!
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Post by DJ Evan Reitmeyer
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