Tips for Better Getting Ready Photos

The morning of your wedding day is likely going to be a little hectic! Between you, your bridesmaids, the moms, and your hair and make up team, there’s a lot going on to make everyone picture-perfect for the ceremony. Your photographer will arrive at some point to start taking photos of everyone getting ready along with all your important details like your dress, jewelry, sentimental items, etc.

But just how can you make sure those photos will be ones you cherish? How can you set the day up for success? Check out our tips below for better getting ready photos and then see what some of our favorite local wedding photographers have to say about it too!

  • Choose a location that is spacious with room to move
  • Find a space with natural light from large or multiple windows
  • Avoid rooms that have bright or bold painted walls or furniture
  • Have both sides of the wedding party get ready at the same location
  • Gather important details together for the photographer including your dress, shoes, jewelry, veil, invitations, flowers, sentimental items, and rings. Don’t forget about the groom’s cufflinks, socks, ties or bowties, and belt too!
  • Have a getting ready outfit (instead of an old T-shirt, think silk robes, monogrammed tops, or matching flannels)
  • Bring a nice hanger instead of the cheap plastic one that comes with your dress
  • Keep clutter (bags, water bottles, drinks, snacks, empty hangers, etc.) to a minimum or to a designated area away from photos
  • Make sure everyone is fully dressed in wedding attire before they help you put on your dress
  • Put your shoes and jewelry on after you get into your dress
  • Allow more time than you think you need for hair/makeup and for actually getting dressed

For even *more* advice, we reached out to some of our favorite local wedding photographers to see what their advice was for getting better getting ready photos on your wedding day. So what did they have to say?

“The secret to having the best getting ready photos is to have a clear area, next to a natural light source, in your bridal/groom suites ready to go for your photographer. Also, have your details ready in that same spot. That way, as soon as your wedding photographer arrives, they can get to work on photographing those special moments instead.”
Stefanie Kamerman Photography

Photos by Stefanie Kamerman Photography

“For the best possible getting ready photos, I always recommend that whomever is helping you get dressed be ready to go 30 minutes before the allotted time that you are getting dressed! This way, when it comes to your time, you will feel worry free and excited for your big moment – putting on your wedding dress! I also recommend that bridesmaids move all their belongings and things to their cars 30 minutes before as well. This will keep the room nice and clean for photos AND everyone will be ready to go with less stress! ALWAYS plan for more time in the morning. It’s better to be running early than late!”
Corrin Jasinski Photography

Tips for Better Getting Ready Wedding Photos at 48 Fields Farm in Leesburg VA

Photo by Corrin Jasinski Photography

For additional tips about getting ready on your wedding day, check out our suggestions of What You Need for Getting Ready in Your Bridal Suite!

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