Exploring 48 Fields
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The other week I was out at the farm meeting with some contractors. With a few minutes to spare between appointments I decided to explore the property a little bit more. Now you think that we would have scoured every inch of things before we bought it, but truth is we didn’t quite make it out to EVERY inch. We saw a lot, but not all of it.

We knew there were two streams on the property – one along each of the sides. And I’ve wanted to go check them out, but it’s a bit of a walk to get to them. During the summer that meant going through all the tall fields and risking a good chance of getting eaten by mosquitos or picking up a few ticks. No thank you. So I figured this time of year there aren’t any bugs and all the tall grasses are bent down from the winter weather. So off I went.

And what do you know, there’s water! With a good flow to it! It doesn’t seem very deep but it’s decently wide (for a stream) and it’s got such a peaceful trickling sound to it. I had to find a good entrance to it because some of it is accessed down a pretty steep slope. This part wasn’t so bad. It’s not very photogenic now with all the barren trees and fallen leaves, but I hope come spring time that it will be green and beautiful!

48 Fields Farm Stream Northern Virginia Wedding Venue Loudoun Leesburg VA

Now the other stream is smaller supposedly and is also a trek through the fields. But there’s also the extra layer of having to hike through some of our woods too. I haven’t made it down to the other side yet, but that’s an adventure for another day.

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