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Yesterday I was feeling like I was at a point where I wanted to do more, but couldn’t. We have so many projects, so many contractors bidding on things that it’s all tied together. I just wanted to feel like I was making progress. I looked for something I could do. Paint. I can paint some of the rooms of the house.

Well, not so fast. I can’t paint because we will be having the electric box replaced in one of the main rooms, and that will damage so of the drywall. So I’ll have to wait for that to be done first. But the electric can’t be done until the architect finishes his plans, which will include electrical work. And the architect can’t finish his plans until he sees the report from the engineers about the barn. The more I dug, the deeper I got into why I couldn’t do something. I couldn’t paint a room in the house because it depended on an engineering report about the barn? It all seemed a bit ridiculous and discouraging for this impatient woman.

One of the things I have been looking at, though, is flooring options. This would be for the lower level of the barn, which one day will be an indoor ceremony location, a cocktail hour location, a winery tasting room, or quite possibly all of the above.

With so much potential foot traffic coming through here, I knew we needed something durable and low maintenance and easy to clean. All those are pretty non-negotiable. Since we have to have the existing concrete floor repoured to level out where the dairy pipes would have been, my first thought was to do a decorative stamped and stained concrete. Making it look similar to a wood floor, but just out of concrete. This wouldn’t be the exact look, but it’s similar in idea.

Stamped Concrete

Then I thought maybe an actual tile would be better. Maybe better visual appeal than a stamped concrete but still with easy maintenance and durability, unlike an actual wood floor. There are some really attractive and interesting options on the market! Here’s some of the choices that stood out to me when I went looking the other weekend.

Tile Floor 1Tile Floor 2Tile Floor 3Tile Floor 4

Granted these are just crummy iphone phones, but do any of these stand out to you? What do you think we should choose? I have a favorite I’m leaning towards, but I could still be influenced! Leave your comments and suggestions below, and then check back in to see what we end up choosing!

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