Finding the Barn Star

We’ve found some interesting things as we clean up the farm. There have been lots of dog water bowls and tennis balls buried in so many places that we’ve lost count. They must have been left over from when the previous owners did agility training, which also explains all the PVC pipes that were used to build the jumps. But our best find so far is this old red metal barn star! One day soon when we’re finished with painting the barn we’ll have to rehang it somewhere prominent.

48-Fields-Red-Barn-Star Leesburg Virginia wedding and events venue

I did some digging to see the history behind these stars. Since I see them on so many barns, I knew there had to be a story or a reason. Word is they were originally structural and helped hold things together. They held the ends of long rods that spanned the barns. They were also meant to represent the mark of the builder.

It seems barn stars, like this one, are now used purely for decoration and to carry on the tradition. They are mounted on the sides of barns as a sign of good luck, similar to horseshoes. Let’s hope this one is thankful for its uncovering and brings us lots of good luck!

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