Before and After: Barn Entrance

One of the first projects we started earlier this year in our renovations to this old Leesburg, Virginia barn was to create a new entry way. Having things be safe to walk on and be structurally sound was high on our list!

You can see what we started with back in January. Even though the leaves hadn’t come in yet, you can see that the landscaping is terribly overgrown. Behind it though was a set of stairs with gaps between each step and railings that were falling down. The door was also coming apart. Not to mention it wasn’t at all weather proof and certainly didn’t lock tight. It may be hard to tell from this photo, but the door was also not a full-height door. Just about anyone who used the door would have to duck down to enter.


After the weather delays, contractor problems, custom orders, and seemingly endless weekends of painting those railings, we finally have a new entryway. The new stairs lead to a small entry platform that host a real door that locks, closes tight, and doesn’t require anyone to adjust their height! The overgrowth has been trimmed way back, and will be completely removed (hopefully) this fall.


It’s a small project in the grand scheme of things, but we’re happy to finally have something fully complete! There are a few other projects that I hope will be completed it the next month or two, so check back again to see what else is being accomplished.

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