Renovation Updates: October 2014

Our floors. When we first saw this barn, you literally couldn’t see them because they were covered with years of storage from the previous owners. There was a lot of work that happened to clear out the space, but then we were left with uneven levels and a dozen stalls worth of dairy piping. It was a total gut job.

I wish I could be posting this as a “before and after”, but the truth is it’s not quite done yet. Yes, we’ve made a lot of progress and it makes a world of difference to have newly poured concrete floors. Our one last step for them though is to make them pretty with new tile over the top. It’s already picked out, but in all likelihood it won’t be until the spring that the tile gets installed. We’re finishing up some other projects are more important at the moment, and then there’s the whole cold weather thing of winter that’s coming for us (too) soon that will really slow down work until the Spring.

Here’s a little look at how things have been shaping up though!


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