How To Get Wedding Insurance in Virginia


When you’re planning your wedding, most couples envision the picture perfect day. With their wedding going exactly as planned. It’s hard to imagine anything otherwise, but what if…? That’s where wedding insurance comes in. Like any insurance, it’s nothing you want to have to use. But you’ll sure be thankful you have it if you ever do!

Before we dig into this, let me give a standard disclaimer that I’m not an insurance agent and that insurance policies vary. Check with your insurance carrier (or several) to ensure you’re getting the best policy for your wedding day!

Now, getting wedding insurance is probably not high on your initial list of things to do when wedding planning. Maybe it’s something you plan to look into closer to the wedding. Maybe your wedding planner is strongly encouraging it. Maybe your venue requires it. In fact, many wedding venues in Virginia *do* require their couples to obtain wedding insurance.


Every venue is likely going to collect a security deposit. Let’s say that is $1,000. Should any damages happen during the wedding, your security deposit will cover it first. But if damages are severe and exceed your security deposit, you’ll be on the line for making things right. It could get expensive. And damages could come from anyone – simply by mistake, from unsupervised children, from a drunk guest. Covering damages in such cases is where wedding insurance can come in, typically a general liability policy.

Or what happens if a vendor fails to show up to provide their services or, worse, goes out of business? Insurance could cover your losses there.

If you’re providing alcohol, it’s a really good idea to get liquor liability added into your policy! You never know what might happen or who it will be when someone has too much to drink!

Cancellation insurance can be another component of your policy. What happens if weather impedes travel into airports or prohibits access to your venue? Or if you or your fiance have a health condition or sickness that forces a postponement of your date?

If you really want to get detailed, I’ve seen couples insure their rings, insure the dress from getting ruined at a tailor, travel insurance for their honeymoon, and the list goes on.


It may be less than you think! Like any insurance policy, a final price is going to depend on what coverage levels you have and what coverage terms you are adding to it. In general, we have seen wedding insurance prices typically range between $150 – $250 for a standard policy. Be sure to check with your wedding venue to see if they have minimum policy amounts or other required coverage you need as part of your rental.

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Wedding insurance is generally widely available. Some couples are able to add on riders to their existing homeowner policies or get new coverage with their current insurance carriers. Believe it or not, there are also insurance providers that specialize in wedding insurance! Here are some of our recommendations:

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On a related note, it is always in your best interest to hire professional, insured vendors. Again, some venues may specify that only insured vendors are allowed to work on site. Although a vendor who is newer or less experienced might look like a good deal to hire, they might not yet have insured their business.

Why is that a concern? Let’s look at some potential scenarios. A photographer may not properly secure a light stand and it falls over causing injury. A DJ may have bad or overloaded equipment that fries an electrical circuit. Missteps by a caterer may cause widespread food poisoning leading to the need for medical care. When a vendor’s actions cause damage or injury, you don’t want to be responsible for something that they caused!

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Life is unpredictable and the stakes are high on your wedding day. It’s probably true that no one ever likes getting insurance for anything, but we’re always relieved to have it when it’s needed! A good wedding insurance policy can help give you peace of mind and ease the stress behind those “what if” scenarios.

(A final disclaimer is that you should full read your policy to understand what exactly is covered and if there are any restrictions or excluded scenarios.)

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