The Impact of Uplighting at Your Wedding Reception

Reception Uplighting at 48 Fields Farm Wedding in Leesburg VA

If we’re going by the numbers, there are days it may seem like there are 892,301 things you need to plan for your wedding. Spend any time on Pinterest and that number can skyrocket even higher! One of the things you may want to consider though is uplighting for your wedding reception. Trust us when we say it will have a much bigger impact on your day than the custom printed cocktail napkins you’re also thinking about!

Take the photo above, for instance. This wedding was relatively simple by the standards of some bridal magazines, but that’s because the couple chose to focus on having a good experience and enjoy the company of their friends and family rather than get weighed down by infinite decision making. One of the things they did choose, though, was uplighting for the perimeter of the barn. The impact was incredible, and this photo doesn’t do justice to the full effect. With the addition of a few simple lights, they added ambiance, dimension, and immediate visual impact for everyone as they entered the room. Once dancing began, this amber color transitioned into changing to a variety of colors that moved with the beat of the music.

We reached out to Wyatt Hill of Y-It Entertainment, who was the couple’s DJ that night and supplied the lights, for his thoughts on why adding reception uplighting can be a smart decision.

Why do you like the effect of uplighting?
Uplighting has become a wedding and event standard. It helps to change the feel and mood of the room or event space. Most common colors are amber, blue, and purple. In some cases your uplighting can even match colors to just about anything.

Where should uplighting be placed?
You should place uplighting based on the architecture of the room. Columns, sides of entrances, between windows. It is important to make sure you balance out the event space.

What should couples ask about when considering uplighting?
You could get quite technical, but some basic questions are:

  • Can the lights be controlled wirelessly? This allows for quick color changes without having to adjust each one.
  • Do the lights remain solid or can they change? You can either change colors to another solid color as dinner transitions into dancing, or you can have the lights constantly change on a random pattern match the beat of your music.
  • Are the lights able to do a true white color? Some light can’t produce a true white because of the type of mechanics they have. They have a “white” that is produced from combining all the colors, but it’s not a true white. I would wonder why couples would want white anyway though, since the whole point of uplighting is to add to the mood or color of the room. Why do white when you have a whole pallet of color to choose from?

How many lights do I need?
That depends on the intensity that you are looking and the room. Easiest way is to count the spots where you want to put uplighting. Majority of weddings that are up to 100 people usually require at least 14-16 units. Once you move past a 100 usually the room increases in size and you need around 20 units or more. But again it depends on how intense you want the light and the size and shape of your room.

So have we convinced you to add uplighting to your wedding yet?

Having seen weddings both with and without uplighting, we here at 48 Fields can recommend whole-heartedly that you consider incorporating this type of lighting! Uplighting is particularly effective and striking in our barn because of all the wood rafters along the sides and ceiling that catch the color as it washed upward. Lighting companies and DJs often have a variety of lights available as part of their rental options, but we were so struck by their impact that we purchased a set of uplights as well that will now be available for all our couples!

If you’re looking to make a dramatic impact in your wedding reception, then be sure to ask us about taking advantage of the 48 Fields uplighting option!

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