Instantly Change Your Wedding’s Mood With Colorful Uplighting Wedding Planning Tips

Several weeks ago we posted about the impact of uplighting on your wedding and showed a few examples of some real life weddings that used this decor element. Last weekend our friend, John, from A2Z Music Factory were out DJing a very special event (more on that soon!), but they also brought along several dozen of their uplights to showcase what was possible when you want to play with color.

We set up 36 uplights around the lower level of the barn. After the event was over and the sun had set, we opened up the lighting app on his phone and starting spinning around the color wheel. There is no photoshop magic in any of these photos below. These are all actual examples of what our lower level could look like with some color washing to match or enhance your wedding decor.

Now some of these colors are intense so that we can show the range of color, but they can definitely be toned down to give lighter impressions.

Colorful Uplights at a Wedding at 48 Fields in Leesburg, VA

Now you can go all in on a color, like the purple here.

Or you can mix in a bit of white for just a hint of purple color.

On the right you can see pure orange. Compared to the left where you can see a mix of pink and orange together.

Even pure white lights can be dramatic in a space.

Bring them down to a lower intensity and you’ll get an even more dramatic look!
Colorful Uplights at a Wedding at 48 Fields in Leesburg, VA

Of course these are just some of the colors we played with. John’s lights can be set to any shade or hue your heart desires!

Uplights provided by A2Z Music Factory
Photos provided by Kelly Ewell Photography

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