A Spring Renovations Update

By the looks of our temperatures recently, our long winter is a distant memory and our spring has catapulted right into summer-like weather! We here at the farm are happy to see warmer days though so we could begin again on our renovation work. We’ve been as busy as the bees buzzing overhead with new activity. Like usual, projects always take longer than anticipated but we’ve got several things happening around here. Things are actually quite a mess at the moment, but that mess is a sign of progress and good things to come.

Our first and biggest project this year is restoring power to the barn. It’s not a glamorous or Pinterest-worthy endeavor by any means (especially since all these photos below are done with just our phones!), but it sure will be nice to have this basic amenity once again. Behind the scenes work for this has actually been going on since January! Not only did we have to have all the old wiring removed and replaced, but we needed to get a whole new service line pulled in from the road. It was certainly a process, but we were happy to see the power lines were actually connected last week. The electricians are finishing up the wiring next week (we hope) and will then be installing the dozens of light fixtures we have waiting in the house.


Once the electricians are done, installing the new floor will be next. It will be a lovely elongated tile that looks like whitewashed old barn wood. These tiles have actually been picked out for quite a while, but we’re finally to the point where they could be ordered and delivered. All 12,000 pounds of it! It was delivered on Saturday and what a difference it will make though when it’s complete!


Another small project that we hope will make a difference is the stone retaining wall we built in front of the barn. It was surprisingly easy to construct, although at times it did seem like the world’s largest puzzle! Our landscape consultant has given us some great ideas for plantings that will be both pretty and be resistant to damage from all the deer that wander through. We’ve got to get those in soon unless we then wait until the fall for more tolerable weather.


Lastly, we’ve had some happy finds as spring came into bloom. We don’t have many, but we did have some pretty pops of color with daffodils, lilacs, dogwoods, and peonies. Last year they were mostly covered in mounds of vines and weeds, but this year we were able to realize and enjoy what we have. We were also happy to find that most of our grape vines survived the extensive clearing that went on around them and are bearing fruit once again.


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