A Summer Renovation Update New Lighting and Tile Floors Complete

Leave it to the hottest months of the year for us to see the most progress! I suppose that’s not entirely fair to say since much of the work I’ve been talking about going on for a whilte now, but we’re now finally starting to see the end results and be able to officially check things off the list.

Electricity and Lighting
I feel like I’ve been talking about this forever. In a way I have since we started work all the way back in March! We were quoted “eight weeks”. Yeah, right! Clearly that didn’t happen. Because we didn’t have a set time this *had* to be done by and because we made a few additions, I wasn’t terribly concerned about the long time it was taking. That was until about a month or so ago. I hit my breaking point and my usually calm, patient self stepped aside for the part of me that wanted answer, wanted progress, and wasn’t afraid to demand it. The crews did step up their work at that point, but still overshot their promised time by a few weeks. The good news is that we have power and lights and everything that we wanted. It’s good to have this basic necessity once again!

48 Fields Farm in Leesburg VA | Barn Renovation - New Electric and Lights

This was a biggie! You may have seen the tons and tons (literally!) of tile we talked about on our Instagram account. We were planning to lay it all ourselves since we’ve done some tile work in the past. Granted this was a bigger job than anything we’ve done before, but I figured it would just be a matter of time to devote to it and know that it might take a while. Yeah, we came to our senses and because it was a time concern just hired someone else to do it. Actually we hired someone, went to Paris, and when we came back it was all done! We should go on vacation more often if that’s how things will work! They still need another round of cleaning, but what a different the new floors make!

48 Fields Farm in Leesburg VA | Barn Renovation - New Tile Floors

48 Fields Farm in Leesburg VA | Barn Renovation - New Tile Floors

These are some big projects that we’re finally finished, and they are things that even *I* can notice and say we’re making progress. As always, there’s still so much more to go but I really enjoy seeing these big changes getting done.

I can’t wait to share what’s next!


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