Before and After: Clearing Overgrowth

Perhaps it was knowing the end of the year was approaching. Perhaps it was just coincidence. Whatever the reason, we had a surge of productivity in December. It all started with knowing that there were a couple of very large dead trees sitting right in front of the house, which had at least one very large branch broken off and hanging precariously over the power lines feeding into the house. We didn’t want to risk having a winter storm come through, shift the broken branch (or break off others), and have it come crashing down on the power lines.

A “quick” consult with a tree company quickly expanded into taking down literally dozens of other trees that would have to have been removed eventually as well.

In addition, over the past year, we have spent many weekends clearing out tall grasses, overgrown bushes, and vines tangled in with wire fences. It was slow, hard, and frustrating work. So while the arborists were out doing work anyway, we were able to get them to remove one of biggest overgrown fence lines that we hadn’t even started working on yet. It was amazing to see how quickly they could accomplish what would have taken us so, so much longer.

Here are some of the before and after shots of different areas around the farm, and things now are so much more open. You could argue that some of the before shots might look nicer since they grounds were lush and green, but things were so unruly and unpassable in parts. So I can’t wait to see the new look in the spring when everything will be much more tame. Hopefully we can also replant some of our own landscaping to improve appearances even more.


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