Before and After: Barn Doors

One of our past barn renovation updates talked about how rebuilding the stairs to the upper level was one of our main priorities. Truth is we have a lot of main priorites. Another one of them being the barn doors. The doors that were on the barn were ones that didn’t fully close and they certainly didn’t lock to secure the inside areas. We knew that to get the look and style that we wanted in the oddly sized opening meant that custom doors were likely in our future.

Our research started online with some Google searches for things like barn door builders and custom woodworkers. We had one contractor who let’s just say never got to do the project we hired him to do. Mention of his name can still send me into a fit. Perhaps not using him was for the best because we somehow stumbled upon some real craftsmen at Gepetto Woodworks in Richmond. When I first met with them it was still cold outside, so this process has been in the works for a while. One of the things I liked about Gepetto was their recommendation to harvest the wood from our bigger wood barn that will eventually need to be torn down. We reused the wood already on site to construct some really solid, really heavy sets of doors that have character and imperfections of the used wood.

Below are some “before and after” photos as things are right now. While the new doors are fully installed, we do still need to remove the remaining parts of the old doors.

The main front entrance


The main back doors


The small back room door

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