Top 2023 Wedding Trends

2023 brides, it is now your year! Each wedding year and season comes with new trends that are special and unique. As we enter 2023, here are 48 Fields’ top predictions for the new wedding trends to look out for in 2023!

1. Bright and Bold Color

For the past few years, we have seen beautiful pastels, blushes, whites, and neutrals dominate the wedding décor trends. But we love the shift we’ve seen as couples incorporate bright and fun colors into their weddings! Using bright, whimsical colors and textures is such a unique way to show off you and your partner’s personality and is a trend we are excited to see continue to grow in 2023.


2. Smaller Bridal Parties

Larger bridal parties were once the normal, but many 2023 wedding parties are shifting to a smaller size. Keeping it smaller with only your closest family or friends provides you with more quality time with your people on the morning of your wedding. It allows a calmer environment for getting ready, less conflicting personalities or opinions, and allows you to take more unique photos together.


3. Private Last Dance

This trend started becoming popular in 2022 and we hope it says around for a while! If a grand formal exit isn’t your style or if you’re looking for an option to take a second to soak up all the happiness of your day, then a private last dance might be something to consider adding to your timeline. At the end of your night, simply have your DJ usher everyone outside while you and your partner have a last dance – just the two of you in your reception space. Some couples still choose to do a formal exit after their dance, but either way such a special way to end your night.
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4. Color-Scheme Dress Codes

Color scheme dress codes have slowly been becoming more popular and create beautiful photos that get your guests involved creating the vibe of your wedding. Most couple who want to incorporate this into their wedding include a small card that has the color palette they would like their guest to dress in on their invitations. This is such a unique way to set the tone for your wedding before it even begins and create beautiful color coordinating pictures of everyone on your special day.


5. Embroidery Details

For years couples have been finding ways to incorporate sentimental details into their décor or even their outfits. Hailey Bieber introduced a new way to do this that has continued to grow in popularity. Her veil was embroidered with a phrase that was important to her and her husband, but it started a trend within the wedding industry to add small or even large embroidered details on gloves, veils, and even within the mesh of your dress. Think a monogram or even your wedding date as possibilities. This special touch adds such a unique personalization to your wedding day look!


6. Disposable Cameras

Disposable camera’s popularity has risen and fallen over the years and is now back in a unique way. Having the option for guest to take their own photos gives you a glimpse into your guests point of view throughout your day. In the past guest would use them to take more posed shots, but it has now shifted to more candid shots and couple end up with such unique shots of them and their guest enjoying their night.


7. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

For the past few years, more and more brides have given their bridesmaids the freedom to choose their own style of dress while still sticking to one color and fabric. In 2023, we will see this taken a step further incorporating different textures, fabrics, colors, and shapes. This gives your bridesmaids the opportunity to showcase their personalities and find something that makes them feel comfortable wearing. It adds depths and color to your photos and is such a creative way to show the uniqueness of your bridesmaids.


8. More Documentary Photography Style

In hopes of getting those “perfect shots”, many photographers and couples leaned towards more posed and styled shots. Now though it looks like we’ll see more couples choose to let their photographer capture their day exactly as it unfolds, flaws embraced. This provides the couple with more time celebrating and being themselves, and at end the day they’ll have photos that truly showcase their wedding day. Of course, you can still take time for family photos and some cute staged ones, but ultimately just be yourself. And, most importantly, trust your photographer to capture your day as they see it.


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