Instagram Roundup: March 2014

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We’ve been bustling with activity over at the farm! And when we can remember to snap a photo, we document some of our changes over on Instagram. I thought I’d try to do a monthly roundup of some of the highlights we post there and of some of the photos that Steve and I send each other, but this first will look back at the past few months as a whole. These aren’t “fun” changes, but some of them definitely are big!

Believe it or not, I hadn’t actually seen either of the streams on the property before we bought it. I knew they were there, and I finally took the time to go check them out.

There is lots of overgrowth to clean up. I fought against the barn, and I won.

We went from a old rusty bent pole of a mailbox to a clean and shiny new one.

There was the time I looked like I was about to star in a slasher film as we got ready to take down the barn’s lower level ceiling.

Eventually it all came down. One day a new one will go back up after the wiring has been redone.

Must. Smash. Things. A lot of machine mightiness went into breaking up the old concrete to remove the dairy pipes.

Having all the old dairy pipes removed made me happy we were making progress, but it also made me a little sad that we were demolishing someone else’s former life and experiences.

Roofers braved the cold to fix the roof before a big snow storm hit.


We dug big holes. And then another. (And by “we” I mean other people.)

I have dreams of putting up a tree swing somewhere. But as I looked around the other day, I realized most of the big trees have branches that pretty much grow straight up. I’ll have to work on this one a little more.

Golden hour. The fields will be a great backdrop for photos one day!

So that’s been a peak at the last couple months. Hopefully next month we’ll have even more to show off!

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