Wedding Favor Ideas from Real Virginia Weddings – Part 2

Are you planning to give favors to your wedding guests? While this tradition definitely isn’t mandatory, it can be a fun way to share your personality and a small memento with your guests. Here are a few of our favorite wedding favor ideas from real Virginia weddings.



seed packets wedding favor ideas - 48 Fields Wedding Barn | Leesburg VA

We love the symbolism of planting something new and watching it grow alongside your marriage. So we’re big fans of Brandi and Michael’s wedding favors. They gave their guests packets of various seeds displayed in planters. A word of warning here: If you decide to do this, choose seeds that are native to the area and non-invasive so as not to negatively impact the local flora.



spices wedding favor ideas - 48 Fields Wedding Barn | Leesburg VA

Sarah and Will gave each guest a sachet of their homemade spice mix. This is the perfect way to celebrate your love of cooking, flavors specific to your culture, or a spice specific to your area. If a handmade spice mix isn’t your thing, D.C. area couples might also consider the district’s famous Mumbo Sauce, Old Bay seasoning for the Marylanders, or a local Virginia BBQ sauce (in TSA-approved sizes if your guests are flying in). See more details from Sarah and Will’s blush and gold Indian-American wedding.



mini pumpkins wedding favor ideas - 48 Fields Wedding Barn | Leesburg VA

At their fall wedding, Brittany and Taylor used these gold pumpkins in their escort card display, so each guest received a pumpkin they could take home with them. This idea strikes a great balance between disposable and long-lasting, since it can be used as decor during the fall season, then discarded with minimal environmental impact. Check out other photos from Brittany and Taylor’s all white fall barn wedding here.



custom koozies wedding favor ideas - 48 Fields Wedding Barn | Leesburg VA

Keep your guests’ hands warm with custom koozies! During their cocktail hour, the Hunts offered koozies matching their wedding colors with the phrase “the hunt is over.” If you love this detail, you’ll adore the rest of Tanya and Jamie’s modern fall wedding with alpacas.



picture frame wedding favor ideas - 48 Fields Wedding Barn | Leesburg VA

When Anna and Noah’s guests arrived at their seat at the reception, they found their place card clipped to a picture frame. This is not only a fun way to display place cards, but a nice favor that your guests can use at home. Our tip for this one is to go neutral. When buying home decor for a large group, choose something that will look good in most people’s homes.



succulents wedding favor ideas - 48 Fields Wedding Barn | Leesburg VA

This one has been popular for a while now, because people love tiny plants! Succulents are a smart choice since they are hardy and can grow in almost any container. Bear in mind that potted plants are tricky to bring on an airplane, so this one might not be the best choice if a lot of your guests will be flying in for the occasion. See more photos from Carolina and Cesar’s lilac and grey spring micro wedding here.



dessert cups wedding favor ideas - 48 Fields Wedding Barn | Leesburg VA

After your delicious wedding dinner, some guests may not have an appetite for dessert. So how about offering it to go? While some couples create a candy bar for this purpose, we like this twist on the idea with miniature cake cups. And we’ll bet Kathy and Rich’s guests enjoyed it too!
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